10 Tips to Make 2014 Your Healthiest Year


At the Corner, we’ll help you kick off the New Year with a healthy start. Follow these 10 tips to get going!

1. Make A Plan: Do you find it difficult to put your New Year’s resolutions into action? Talk to our Health Coach, Kristen. She will help you create and carry out a plan for a healthy 2014. P.S. You can get a $20 gift card at the end of your coaching session.


2. W-W-W-Work Out: Exercising at least three times a week for 30 minutes will help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce stress, and give you energy. Not sure how to fit regular exercise into your busy schedule?  Give these tips a try:

    • Talk to our Health Coach, Kristen, to learn more about joining a free fitness class at Ypsi Studio.
    • Grab a friend and go for a walk around the block.
    • Join our couch to 5k program this summer and walk/run a 5k in August.
    • Prefer to workout alone? Check back to our blog on the fourth Friday of every month for a free fitness video.

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3. Get Cooking: Come to a cooking class at the Corner—your family and friends are welcome to join! Also check back to our blog for quick healthy recipes.


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4. Get A Flu Shot: Flu season peaks in February. Protect yourself with a flu shot. Trust me—getting a shot is WAY better than getting the flu.


5. Wash Your Hands: Germs linger on every surface (yep, that means doorknobs, tables, desks, etc.). Reduce your chances of getting sick by frequently washing your hands with soap and warm water (especially before you eat!). Hey, even Jimmy Kimmel thinks handwashing is important!

6. Laugh: Sometimes, laughter really is the best medicine. Schedule time into your week to hang out with friends or family who make you laugh until your stomach hurts. Are you free on Thursday afternoons? Join the Corner’s Theatre Troupe this winter and spend two hours laughing every week!

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7. Take A Breath: Your mental health is totally connected to your physical health. Feeling ready to explode? Deep breathing can help to calm you down quickly. First breathe in slowly and deeply through your noes. Hold your breathe for three seconds and then breathe out slowly through your mouth. Repeat this two more times. Feeling stressed often? Meet with a Corner therapist who will give you more strategies to feel better.


8. Give Thanks: Research shows that telling people how much you appreciate them will actually make you happier. So take a moment each day to thank someone. Not only will you make their day, you will make your own. Check out this video below to see what I mean:

9. Snooze: Sleep = a healthier you. Get at least 8 hours of sleep every night. Having trouble sleeping? We can help with that.

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10. Find Your Passions: Do you love to draw, play music, run? Find out what you are passionate about and carve out time each day to do just that. Even if it’s only for 15 minutes, take time to do the things that bring you joy.


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