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Food & fitness guru (aka Health Coach) at the Corner Health Center.

How to Exercise Like Indiana Jones

Ready to get toned like Indiana Jones? (FYI, it helps to be fit when outrunning boulders and fighting off vipers.) Then join me in doing the bridge! That’s right, in month 3 of our Corner Circuit Workout we’re going to engage our core and feel the … Continue reading

How to Exercise Like a Sumo Wrestler

What do you get when a sumo wrestler and Victorian era lady walk into the Corner Health Center? Why a Squat Challenge of course! Last month we learned how to exericse like a pirate. This month intern Thom joins me … Continue reading

How to Exercise Like a Pirate

It’s #FitnessFriday which means it’s time for the first installment of my Corner Circuit workout. This month’s move is my variation on the plank. #arrrrr #talklikeapirate Give it a go and share if you fared any better than my intern Thom. Check back each month for a … Continue reading


After months on end of snowfall after snowfall, the time has finally come… it actually got above 80 degrees! Walking down Michigan Avenue, you see people out walking their dogs, having lunch on restaurant patios, or going for a leisurely … Continue reading

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