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8 Ways to be Physically Active Without Going to the Gym

Most people think that you need a gym membership to be healthy and physically active. Guess what? You don’t! Here are eight ways to build workouts into your schedule without stepping foot in the gym. 1) Take the stairs instead … Continue reading

How to Do the Perfect Push-Up

Hi! I’m the Corner’s new health coach, Raina LaGrand. Physical activity is key to a healthy lifestyle, and push-ups are one of the best core strengthening exercises. Take a look at the video below for my tutorial on how to … Continue reading

How to Exercise Like Indiana Jones

Ready to get toned like Indiana Jones? (FYI, it helps to be fit when outrunning boulders and fighting off vipers.) Then join me in doing the bridge! That’s right, in month 3 of our Corner Circuit Workout we’re going to engage our core and feel the … Continue reading

How to Exercise Like a Sumo Wrestler

What do you get when a sumo wrestler and Victorian era lady walk into the Corner Health Center? Why a Squat Challenge of course! Last month we learned how to exericse like a pirate. This month intern Thom joins me … Continue reading

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