Don’t Be a Dope, Let C.O.P.E. Help You Cope (and get up to $50 in gift cards!)


Next Thursday, Feb. 13, from 3:30-4:30, Catie Martin and I will facilitate the next five-week session of the Corner’s C. O. P. E. program, which is a D. B. T. – based skills group for people ages 15 – 21 who want help learning how to reduce stress and improve relationships.

Okay…So, What do the letters “C.O.P.E.” stand for?

C.O.P.E stands for Creating Opportunities for Personal Effectiveness. We think that the skills you’ll learn in the group will help you create opportunities for better relationships with your parents, teachers, bosses, Significant Whoevers and–most importantly–help you feel more in control of you.

(BTW–C.O.P.E. is not a therapy group, so you won’t have to tell your personal secrets to anyone)

So, What’s “D.B.T.?”

DBT stands for Dialectical Behavior Therapy, a kind of therapy that can really help people deal with overwhelming emotions (you know–the kinds of emotions that make you act and feel OutOfControl-crazy/Godzilla-destructive).

The start of yet another long, angry, dreary, lousy weekend… (via

[Shameless Advertisement #1] If you’d like to know why it’s called “Dialectical Behavior Therapy” (and who doesn’t want to know?), Call Catie Martin @ Corner Health, (734) 714-2258…You’ll be glad you did!

Do I have to pass a test on this stuff at the end of the class? Just how does this whole  thing work?

Each week, you’ll learn a new Skill to address a particular Problem:

Week 1:

Problem: Confusion about yourself… “Why don’t I know what I feel, why do I get so upset, how can I sort out my goals for myself?”

Skill Set Learned:  Mindfulness

  • Helps you experience the present moment more fully.
  • Helps you focus less on painful experiences from the past or your worries about  the future.
  • Gives you a toolkit to help you “empty your mental backpack” of all of your negative judgments about yourself and others.


Week 2:

Problem: Impulsivity… “Why do I always act without thinking it through?”

Skill Set Learned:  Distress Tolerance

  • Helps you cope better by building up your resiliency to painful events.
  • Gives you new “damage control” tools to lessen the effects of “No Good/Scary/Awful/Sucky/Yucky Days”.

When the superheroes need help, they call Damage Control! (via Marvel Comics)

Week 3:

Problem:  Emotional Instability…”Why do I have these wild/intense mood swings all the time?” “Why do I always feel so negative about everything and everybody?”

Skill Set Learned:  Emotion Regulation

  • Gives you “emotional barometer” tools to help you sort out just what you’re feeling at any given moment.
  • Helps you put a “control knob” on your feelings so you behave in PROactive, not REactive or destructive ways.

Spock knows what’s up. (via

Week 4:

Problem: Interpersonal Difficulties:  “Why can’t I get what I want in relationships, and why can’t I keep steady relationships?”

Skill Set Learned: Interpersonal Effectiveness

  • Gives you the tools to express yourself and your beliefs to others.
  • Helps you learn to set limits when necessary, while at the same time treating others with respect.


Week 5:

Problem: Teen and Family Dilemmas: “Why is everything so crazy at my house?—it feels like a permanent war zone between me and my parent(s)

Skill Set Learned: Walking The Middle Path

  • Helps you to understand the ways to avoid extremes in your relationships with your family
  • Helps you to avoid confrontations with your family members by teaching Validation skills  (learning to listen while disagreeing).

What about the earning $50 in Gift Cards stuff?

When you successfully complete 1 COPE session of 5 weeks, you get a $25 gift card.  The 2nd 5-week session covers the 5 modules you learned in the 1st session, only in more detail.  Complete the 2nd session and get another $25 gift card.

So I have to be a patient at the Corner to be in COPE?

Short answer: 

Long Answer: 
[Shameless Advertisement #2:] Well– it’s not like being a Corner patient is a bad thing—in fact, it’s a very cool thing.  By becoming a patient at the Corner:

  • You get to work with a great medical team, one that really understands and cares about young people.
  • You can take classes or get coaching about healthy eating, parenting, quitting smoking, and more.
  • If you’re having a tough time with parents, relationships, school—or you just feel “down,” you can talk to a Social Work team member—1-to-1, privately about what’s going on.

Seriously…the Corner is here for you.

Randy Rivet
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