After months on end of snowfall after snowfall, the time has finally come… it actually got above 80 degrees! Walking down Michigan Avenue, you see people out walking their dogs, having lunch on restaurant patios, or going for a leisurely jog in the park. There are a million fun, safe activities to do in Ypsilanti this time of year. Grab some friends and go play Frisbee golf or round up a game of two-hand touch football. If you decide to roller blading or bike riding… don’t forget that helmet!

As the weather becomes nicer, this can be a perfect time to put into action a plan to become healthier through eating better and becoming more active. If you are interested in starting to develop your own workout plan and/or eat healthier to feel better in these warmer days, come see our Health Coach right here at the Corner Health Center. Just remember a few rules before you come: 1. We don’t diet here at the Corner, we eat healthy! 2. We don’t focus on losing pounds, we focus on feeling GREAT!

Call today to schedule an appointment with Kristen, the Health Coach and you’ll get a $20 gift card to Meijer to help kick start your health plan!

About Kristen Conover, MPH, BSN

Food & fitness guru (aka Health Coach) at the Corner Health Center.

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