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Join the Breastfeeding Club

The Breastfeeding Club, presented by the Corner Health Center, is a peer support group for mothers currently breastfeeding. It includes pumping, expecting mothers interested in breastfeeding and/or pumping, and mothers with breastfeeding experience interested in providing support and encourage.

  • Meet virtually (until in-person meetings are allowed)
  • Join our private Facebook group
  • Become a "Breastfeeding Big Sister"
  • Get support, be supportive, and learn from one another.

In this space, the term "breastfeeding" is used to be INCLUSIVE of:

  • Feeding from the breast
  • Feeding breastmilk by way of pumping/expressing
  • A combination of both
  • Using breastmilk and formula to feed a baby

Questions or concerns?
Email Chloe at colsen@cornerhealth.org
Call or Text the Corner Outreach Team - 734-657-4652.

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