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Parents & Guardians

At the Corner, we know good physical AND mental health care is essential for the well-being of your children. For over forty years, we’ve specialized in providing high-quality physical and mental health care to adolescents and young adults. It’s important for parents to have resources about their child’s health care needs, options, and rights.

Corner Health is a primary care physician (PCP) community health center that cares specifically for young people. The care our team provides is tailored to each patient. Yes, we offer confidential reproductive and mental health care services. But we never forget that we are caring for your child/children. We strongly encourage them to get – and keep – you involved in their health decisions.

Please feel free to accompany your child to their appointments.

You are probably the person they trust most. We want you to be involved.

Browse our website. Check out our Health Info page. And please feel free to stop by or call us if you have a question or concern.

Resources for parents

Authorization for Minors:
We want parents to have all of the resources they need to ensure their child’s good health and happiness. However, there are laws regarding your child’s health care and service that restrict us from giving you any information without your child’s consent (permission). Please read below to learn more.

Minor Rights (under 18 years old)
The Corner Health Center is required by law to protect the rights of minors. We will not give personal health information to family or guardians without their written consent (permission) regarding:

  • birth control services
  • pregnancy testing and pregnancy care
  • sexually transmitted disease (STD) testing and treatment
  • mental health counseling
  • substance abuse testing and counseling
Other information not listed as confidential for minors may be shared with your parents or guardians.

Other resources

Confidential Services
Privacy and Patient Rights
Patients and Insurance
If you believe your child’s rights have been violated, please file a complaint with our HIPAA Officer (734.714.2241) or with the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.