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Theatre Troupe

Want to be an actor? Interested in health?

You have great influence over your friends and peers. That’s why Theatre Troupe exists. Your imagination and talents can help create plays, videos, and monologues about important health issues that affect you and your friends. Troupe members act, write, and travel to schools in southeast Michigan to share what they learn.

  • Troupe members are trained by a professional actor and director
  • Learn about important health issues: healthy relationships, depression and anxiety, HIV and STI prevention
  • Learn and make friends in a safe and confidential space
  • Looks great on a college application or resume
  • This is a paid position
  • Free food included

Can I join?

If you’re 12 to 25 years old, yes, you can join. Most of our members are of high school age. You need to arrange your own transportation to the Corner Health Center once a week for Troupe meetings. Bus tokens can also be provided.

How do I join?

Complete this interest form and we’ll contact with you soon.

The Theatre Troupe Team
Community Health Educator