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(E3) Expanding, Enhancing Emotional Health Program

The Expanding, Enhancing Emotional Health (E3) program is a collaboration of the Corner Health Care Center and Van Buren Public Schools, and made possible through a grant from the Michigan Department of Health and Human Services.

E3 provides mental and behavioral health services for youth ages 10 to 21 at Belleville High School. A Counselor/Therapist and Office Manager are available to all eligible youth who reside in the Van Buren School district. Individual counseling as well as some education and outreach is provided in the catchment area.

Elise Hill, LMSW is the E3 counselor on site.

Aminah Jefferson is the office manager.

Are you a student in Van Buren Schools? Are you the parent of a student or youth in the Van Buren School district? If you would like behavioral health services, please contact your school counselor. Or contact the E3 staff directly at 734-740-6492.


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