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Youth Leadership Council

Please fill out our interest form and we will contact you with next steps!

Ready to be heard? Want to build a healthier community? The Youth Leadership Council is for you.

The YLC is youth-led, diverse, and designed to promote change and raise awareness of community health issues.

The YLC's goals are to:

  • Research community health and safety issues
  • Use media and the arts to advocate for change
  • Partner with youth, adults, and other organizations to make the Corner Health Center and its community healthier and safer for young people.

Why join the YLC?
Because YLC members take part in team-building exercises, leadership development, grant writing, community-based research, advocacy, program development, and more. You’ll be paid for your participation.

Who can join?
Anyone 12 to 25 years old can apply.

How do I join?
Complete this interest form and we’ll contact with you soon.

Community Outreach and Education Manager

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The Corner on Today

Watch Youth Leadership Council President Harshini Anand on the Today Show. Meet 2 People’s Magazine Girls Changing the World. October 11, 2021.