Pregnancy Care at the Corner

From the moment you find out you are pregnant until your baby is born, we will be with you every step of the way.

Our prenatal patients can choose to deliver their babies at either the University of Michigan or St. Joseph Mercy hospitals. At U of M, you can use a midwife or family doctor for your prenatal care. At St. Joseph, you will work with a family doctor. If you’re not sure where to deliver or what kind of provider to use, we can help you understand your options, and make the best decision. Most of your care will be provided here at the Corner Health Center, including prenatal visits, routine prenatal testing, and most ultrasounds.

Don’t have insurance or can’t afford your co-pays? No problem. We’ll do our best to make sure your medical care is affordable. Starting your prenatal care shouldn’t be delayed because you can’t afford it. We will help you get health insurance or help figure out another financial plan.

It takes more than great medical care to get ready for a new baby.

We want you to feel as prepared as possible. Our team of nurses, social workers and nutritionists can help you take care of your mind as well as your body, and get ready for delivery as well as the joys and challenges of caring for a newborn.

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