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Notice of Privacy Practices

This notice tells you how your health information may be used and released and how you can get this information for yourself. Please read it carefully. It is a summary of the full Notice of Privacy Practices Booklet that is available upon request.

Who Must Follow These Privacy Practices

This notice gives you more information about the privacy practices that are followed by our employees, staff, other personnel and by healthcare providers. It is our right under the Federal Privacy and Standard to take measures in maintaining the privacy of your health information.

How We May Use and Give Out Health Information About You

  • For Treatment. Your health information may be used so we can provide you with medical treatment or services.
  • For Payment. We may give out health information about you when billing for services you received.
  • For Healthcare Operations. We may use and disclose health information to run our facility. We may call you about appointment reminders or information about treatment and other health related benefits and services.
  • Special Situations. We may give out health information about you without your permission in some situations. Examples of special situations include legal situations and research.
  • Other Uses and Disclosures of Health Information. For anything else we will ask for your permission.

Minor Rights

The Corner Health Center is required by law to protect the rights of minors and will not give personal health information to family or guardians without written approval in the following situations:

  • Family Planning (Birth Control & Emergency Contraception)
  • Pregnancy Testing and OB care
  • STD testing and Treatment
  • Mental Health Counseling (Limited restriction)
  • Substance Abuse Counseling

Other information not listed as confidential for minors may be shared with your parents or guardians.

Your Rights Regarding Health Information About You

You have rights about the health information we keep about you. For example, you may get a copy of your health information.

Changes to this notice.

If changes are made to this notice we will let you know.


If you feel that your rights have been violated, please file a complaint with our HIPAA Officer, Roger Ludy, 734.714.2254, or with the Secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services.

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What to expect

If you are parents or guardians of a Corner Health patients or prospective patient, please see our Parent and Guardian page to learn more about what to expect.