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Want to make an appointment?

The Corner only accepts patients 12-25 years old (and their children)

If you're aged 12-25 years:

  • Call us at 734-484-3600.
  • Come speak with our Patient Service Representatives at the front desk.
  • Same day appointments may be available. Please call.
  • Walk-in urgent visits are based on availability. Please call.

Please arrive 5-10 minutes before your scheduled appointment. If you are late to your appointment by 15 minutes or more, you may be asked to reschedule.

We have expanded our Self-Scheduling options to more types of visits. Click here to learn more.

*Other appointment times may be available. Call to schedule if a time or provider is not available.*

Schedule your appointment here.

To log into your Patient Portal, click here.

To view The Corner’s On-Time, No-Show, and Safe Space Policy, click here.

What should I expect during my first visit?

When you come in person, the front desk receptionist will welcome you. They will ask to see your insurance information. If you do not have insurance, they will speak with you about insurance options. They will then give you a tablet to complete your health information forms electronically.

When a medical assistant calls for you in the waiting room, they will:

  • ask you questions about the reasons for your visit;
  • take your blood pressure and weight;
  • take you to an exam room;

When a doctor or nurse practitioner comes into your exam room, they will:

  • talk to you about the reasons for your visit;
  • answer any questions or concerns you might have about your visit;
  • examine you if needed;
  • write any necessary prescriptions for you;

The Corner offers many services to meet your needs. The length of your first visit can vary, but it is a good idea to plan on being at the Corner for at least 1 hour.

Don't have insurance? Start your Medicaid application! Need help? Don't worry, start the application, save it and then make an appointment with the care manager to finish!