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Care management, insurance support, nutrition support, WIC

Care Management

Care Management services provide an extra layer of support to our patients. Sometimes you have a lot on your plate and navigating resources can be a challenge. We can help you explore your options, minimize barriers, and link you to a variety of community resources.

Some of the issues we help with:

  • Mental Health
  • LGBTQ+
  • Housing
  • MDHHS/State benefits
  • Food
  • Substance Use
  • Childcare
  • Health Insurance
  • Clothing
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Dental
  • Transportation
  • Finding a Job
  • Legal

Insurance Support

Are you un-insured or under-insured? We’ve got you covered. We can find out if you qualify for free health insurance through Medicaid. If you do, we can assist you in applying together. If you do not qualify, we can link you to other options to make accessing healthcare affordable. If something is stressing you out or if you’d like assistance with any of the above issues, please reach out directly by calling 734-714-2236 or emailing Drew Lewis at alewis@cornerhealth.org.

See the Insurance and Payment page for more information

Nutrition support

Nutrition education and counseling is provided at Corner Health Center to those interested in learning about nutritional self-care, health eating and exercise. Topics discussed may include how to choose healthy foods, how to reduce intake of unhealthy/addictive foods, how to reduce type 2 diabetes risk, how to lose weight in a healthy way, how to plan a meal, where to find healthy recipes, healthy eating during pregnancy and postpartum, how to feed your infant or child, how to feed a picky eater.

Corner Store and Food Pantry

The Corner Store is loaded with great stuff like household items, beauty products, baby clothes, and more. That's right--just for coming to your appointment you get free stuff! Learn more.


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