Mood Lifters: Our Strategy. Your Strength.

Feeling down? Anxious? Stressed out? Overwhelmed?

Many people feel this way for a variety of reasons: money problems, relationship conflicts, poor physical health, traumatic experiences, job concerns, loneliness.

If this describes you, Mood Lifters might be the right program for you.

Mood Lifters is a mental wellness program that improves mood and helps people live the life they want to live. Join us for this virtual 15-week program. For anyone 18 to 25 who wants to make positive life changes. Participants typically experience more joy and happiness, and less depression and anxiety.

Mood Lifters can be used as a stand-alone program or with professional talk therapy or medical care. Stay tuned for more information or text “MOOD” to 734-657-4652.

Mood Lifters

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